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Apr. 13th, 2007



Dear everyone,

I know I just got here and I haven't done much/activity hasn't really started, but real-life is screwing me up here just like I can't handle autumnsleaves anymore, I don't think I can properly commit myself here either for many things.
Sorry y'all. <3

♥, stella.

Apr. 4th, 2007


OOC Hiatus

I have to call a hiatus. >>;
Unfortunately, I'll be leaving for my band trips sooner than planned, and they are longer than expected. I will be leaving next Wednesday, however, because I will be gone for two weeks, I have to pack in all my mid-term assignments before I leave. This means I will have little to no time for roleplaying, though I will be on MSN multitasking. If you would like to contact me before April 10th, feel free to IM Kibbymuffin@hotmail.com or Transientart un (AIM -- if you catch me online).

I also regret to inform you that the roleplay I had planned out to start on April first, may or may not be happening. >>; I have been busy packing and working on assignments and the likes, so I haven't the time to post a proper roleplay introduction. *sigh*

Naruto-mun, if you'd like to, you may start the roleplay in my absense. D: I'm so sorry to put this on you all of a sudden, and it is optional. I'm afraid I probably won't have the time to begin the roleplay and keep up with it until I return.

So sorry for the current inactivity in the roleplay. Once I return, I will start managing time and organizing events accordingly, as to include everyone. ^^ Thank you all so much for your tolerance.


Mar. 25th, 2007

Nothing Else Matters


(no subject)

Title: Skinny-dippin'
Rating: Hopefully Sasu-mun will get the idea.. PG-13--R
Status: Open to Sasuke.
Warning: I'm very deprived and I need PWP stuff.
Synospis: It's hot outside and Naruto decides to go for a swim...

Rays of scorching hot sun burned through the foresty canopy pf Konoha. The humid air stick to his skin, suffocating him of his precious air. Not even bothering to jump around because of the heat, Naruto trudged towards the large lake ahead of him. Its cristine, blue waters glimmered in the blinding sun's reflection, making Naruto speed up.

On his way, he began to strip down to nothing but boxers, throwing his clothes to the side and jumping in.


Mar. 18th, 2007


Event Ideas

All members of LNRP may use this post to recommend/suggest ideas for future events and roleplays. There will also be a list available of ideas being considered on which you are able to vote on. ^^ Feel free to throw out any ideas you have via a reply to this post or by IMing one of the mods. All ideas will be considered and discussed.

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Mar. 10th, 2007


[One thing after another...] [Open To Everyone]

Title: One thing after another...
Rating: PG-13 [language/possible violence]
Status: Closed to Sasori and Naruto Open to Everyone!
Warnings: None at the moment.
Synopsis: After successfully for once making a stealthy invasion into Konoha, Deidara ponders his next move.
Notes: Rather IC, not so much crack-based... yet. ^^ Will be open to other characters later on.

Unfortunately, stealth was not the Iwagakure nukenin's forte...Collapse )

3/17/07: The roleplay is officially open to all members. Feel free to jump in anytime!

Mar. 5th, 2007



Welcome to lawls_narurp! ^^

Before you decide to apply, please thoroughly read through the guidelines on the community's profile and follow the directions below...

1. Select your character. Any character listed on the community profile that is not currently taken, reserved, or pending, is open for application.

2. Fill out and submit the common application form to this post. Please remember to fill out all required fields. ^^ AIM is required.

3. Once your application has been accepted, join the community on your character journal. Your request for membership will be sent to the mod(s) and accepted immediately.

4. Fill out your character journal's profile and AIM screen name.

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